Went The Wrong Way – Ruined My Plan

My second workout today, and the first time in many years with two workout in the log book. Actually, this is the first time I´m logging my workout at all, since I was 14-15 years or so.

As planned, I went with my girlfriend to Maridalen, north of our capital city Oslo. She was facing a 10k run, and I was planning an hour in zone 2. Well… I followed the plan, until I followed the wrong track.

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Went the wrong way and ruined my plan

Except for popping into zone 3 a dozen times during the first uphills from Hammeren to Ullevålseter, I managed quite well to work out in zone 2. I was enjoying the nature around me, and my mind was focused on the rather big uphill that was approaching. I´ve been here so many times before, but It´s been a while now. And suddenly – I couldn´t figure out the right track.

You see… the track splits. One way is leading up on top of the hill, and is ending at a house. The other one is leading up the hill and over it and down on the other side. And of course, I chosed the wrong one. 1.5k uphill, and I lost 10 minuttes. Which means – I had to race ard to get back to the car in time.

In spite of going the wrong way, It was a great workout i beautiful nature. A little cloudy, and rain was just around the corner. But still – quite hot.