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In Norway, there´s a program on television, called «Minute by minute», where you can follow a journey from A to B, without any clip or time adjustments. It´s extremely popular, and people from all corners of our country, can sit for hours and watch a train ride, ferry ride etc.

This program, is what inspires me to build this website. Through my LIVE streams, you can follow me on my workouts. Minute by minute, from start to finish. You can also follow me during competitions, when I feel ready to put a number on my chest again.

When do I stream?
I will try to stream as often as possible, and you can find information up front, on my Facebook page. Facebook will also be the streaming host, using Facebook LIVE. The stream will later be uploaded to this page, and be like an archive or diary.

The weather decides
If it´s not raining, If it´s not too cold – or If I don´t run with company – I will stream! Otherwise I will make a video blog, a so called vlog, which is an edited short movie from the workout.

If you don´t follow my Facebook page already, please go do it now – so that you´ll be notified when something is happening. Thanks! 😃

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Just another test! Once again… just forget about it.

Just another test! Once again... If you see this, just forget about it. I'm just trying out the streaming functions and the embedding to my site. Have a nice day By the way: will soon be much better.

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