Just Another Stroll On The Treadmill

I really think that my foot is getting better now! It´s been quite soar after the last treatment (showckwave therapy 1 week ago), but I am feeling better now. I mean… it still hurts when I get up in the morning, and when I´m using the foot – but I can see some light at the end of the tunnel now.

Today I put on the weight vest (5.3 kg) again, and took the same workout as yesterday. But… with a very different result in HR. Can it be because I started this workout at 22:04, and yesterday I started around noon? Any ideas – please use the comment field below.

The workout

Exactly like yesterday:
Walked in 6.0 km/h throughout the whole exercise (30 minutes). Incline at 5 % for 500 meters. Then 7,5 % for 1500 meters, and finally 10 % for the last 1000 meters. 249 meters elevation in total.

Walking on the treadmill // Foot is getting better // Norwegian Runner


The hard facts (yesterdays results in brackets)

Max HR: 152 74% [160]
Average HR: 134 65% [140]
Zone 1: 5:45 [4:39]
Zone 2: 11:37 [10:29]
Zone 3: 12:15 [14:26]

Weight on vest: 5.3 kg

That´s it! That´s all I did for training purposes today. Please let me be able to do some jogging again soon. By the way… we went to the shoe shop today. Gonna order something new for my feet. More about that in later posts. Bye!