Half an Hour Walking Uphill

So, it´s the second day of my new training regime, my new life and my new blog! Not bad. I thought that my legs would be all damaged today, because of yesterdays guerilla interval on the dreadful bike. But actually, I cant feel any pain at all.

Today I´m going back to the treadmill. Not for a run yet, but for a walk. Uphill. With a weight vest on. I don´t believe that it´s good for the injuried foot to not be used, so I´m confident about this. And now that I´m going to be more serious about running, I need to put in workouts which can strenghten my muscles. I believe walking uphill must be good for my legs. Or am I wrong?

The workout

Walk in 6.0 km/h throughout the whole exercise (30 minutes). Adjust the incline more and more. I started at 5 % for 500 meters. Then I inclined 7,5 % for 1500 meters, and finally I adjusted to 10 % for the last 1000 meters. This gave me a total of 249 meters elevation, in 30 minutes. And of course, exactly 3k.

Max HR: 160
Average HR: 140
Zone 1: 4:39
Zone 2: 10:29
Zone 3: 14:26
Zone 4: 0
Zone 5: 0

Weight on vest: 5.3 kg

Following this workout, I did some abs exercises on the ball, and some push ups on my handles.

Push up handles // Strength Training


Later today I´m getting on my bike again. Im planning an i2 workout in the woods, for about an hour. On the bike. Please comment If you have anything to share.