Forgot To Start The Watch

OK… I admit it… it doesn´t really matter, because it´s only a «Walk on the treadmill» workout I´m talking about. It would be worse on a long training run, and a distaster in a competition run. But it´s annoying anyway. But ok… I was on the treadmill today. Doing my regular (it´s become regular now, after doing it for the third time) thing – walking uphill with the weight vest. Today was a little different though, because I walked 4k instead of 3k. 40 minutes instead of 30.

Polar Watch // Norwegian Runner


The workout

Sooo… today I walked 1k on 5% incline. 1k on 7.5% incline and then 2k on 10% incline. 6 km/h all the way, and wearing the weight vest weighing 5.3 kg. That´s it! My shoes are not the best, so I could feel my injury quite well, but I didn´t share any tears.

And as the topic says… I forgot to start my watch, so I only recorded the last 10 minutes.

The original plan was to do some long interval training on the bike, but I ended up keeping my girlfriend with company on her 10k run instead. Me on the bike. No real training effect did come out of that, so nothing goes into the statistics. (In fact… no other activities than run goes into that statistic).